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10 Powerful Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Eliminating cockroaches is not an easy task. These insects, or more specifically, blatidae, have a great capacity to adapt to different types of situations and places and to survive, which is the biggest problem with this pest . In addition, when they manage to enter a home they do not do it alone, but rather in colonies.

Exterminate cockroaches should be a planned and thoughtful process in order to minimize risks and make the most of the measures we apply.

Since anyone can be in this situation, that is, a colony of cockroaches nests in your house, we find it useful to explain in this article how to eliminate cockroaches permanently.

Not only are they pretty nasty bugs, they can cause health problems. Cockroaches transmit disease and can contaminate our food. They tend to come out of their hiding places at night when they don’t notice us, so we have to get rid of them. But, first of all, do you want to know where they are hiding?

Where do cockroaches hide in your house?

Before learning how to eliminate cockroaches, we will have to know in which hidden places in our house they hide. They have favorite hiding places and that’s what we’re going to talk about:

  • In wooden furniture : Be very careful with this type of furniture because it is common for them to nest in them.
  • In openings and cracks that can appear both in kitchen furniture and in bathrooms or toilets.
  • Sometimes they are usually found in strategic places such as in the bathroom or kitchen pipes, gas outlets or in the heating .
  • Under any type of appliance
  • Boxes and drawers where clothes are stored are other places they like the most
  • Under the parquet.

So check all the aforementioned places to see if you have a plague of this type of insects and if you should kill the cockroaches.

But before we start talking about how to eliminate cockroaches, we must first treat the places or routes through which cockroaches enter your home so that you take special care with them.

Where do cockroaches enter your home?

This is one of the first questions we must ask ourselves. Cockroaches enter our homes in several ways:

  • Windows : It is very common for cockroaches to enter our homes through the windows of both patios and windows that face the street.
  • Doors : They are usually accessed through the main gates of communities. Once they manage to enter, they sneak through the elevator shafts since in these areas there is usually not much cleaning.
  • Garbage : Sometimes the garbage area of ​​our house, if it is close to a door or window, attracts cockroaches. When the containers are placed outside your house it can also attract them.
  • Food products : Although it may surprise you, when we go to stores or supermarkets and buy sacks of potatoes or some food of this type, we can transport the cockroaches here.
  • We can also transport them ourselves in pockets, although the latter way is less common.

How to eliminate cockroaches naturally?

Before starting, I will tell you that if you do not meet the requirements that I am going to tell you below, no remedy will eliminate cockroaches forever.

  • It is essential to have good order and hygiene in your home to eliminate cockroaches permanently. It is recommended that you vacuum frequently through those places that we could call the most complicated. Under sofas, the gaps between cabinets or tables, the wall, etc. It is also important to vacuum rugs and cushions.
  • Sealing all the gaps that may remain between the bathtub and the wall, sinks or showers is essential to prevent them from nesting there.
  • We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people and body types.
  • The dishes accumulated in the sink are another risk factor since they have food debris that can attract them. Avoid leaving them too long before scrubbing them.

Well, once you make sure that you meet all these requirements, we are going to try natural remedies.

Aromatic herbs are a natural way to eliminate roaches.

  • The laurel is a simple remedy to end them. They dislike their smell so they will instantly move away. You should place the crushed or chopped laurel in those areas where you suspect that cockroaches may have nested.
  • Catnip is another trick to kill them. Spray it around your house and the roaches will drift away.

How to eliminate cockroaches with home remedies?

If you have children or pets at home and you are concerned about using chemicals such as insecticides, I recommend that you use the following natural remedies to exterminate cockroaches:

How to eliminate roaches with sugar and bicarbonate?

Mix of baking soda and powdered sugar : It is a mixture that is not toxic for humans, but it is lethal for cockroaches. Do you know why? Well, cockroaches are attracted to sweet smells so they will come out of their hiding place and ingest the sugar with the baking soda, which is what will eliminate it.

Use a container to prepare the mixture. This should contain equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. Mix it up, this will be your bait.

Place containers such as bowls in places where roaches tend to appear (closets, under the fridge, etc.). These bowls, in addition to containing the mixture that we have prepared previously, must contain water.

You can also prepare this mixture without water. Pour it on the ground in specific areas or place it in containers.

Use Borax to eliminate cockroaches

Another home remedy to kill cockroaches is a mixture of borax and powdered sugar : Borax is a compound derived from boron and is very effective as a poison to kill cockroaches. As with the previous mixture, the sugar will attract them and with their intake they will dehydrate and end up dying.

Boric acid mixture to eliminate cockroaches

We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people and body types. It also fulfills its functions as a poison to kill cockroaches in a homemade way. You can buy boric acid in pharmacies and certain supermarkets. Mix the 3 products: flour, chopped onion, boric acid and place it in jars distributed throughout all the affected areas of your house. Leave holes in the cockroach-sized caps so they can enter and ingest the poison.

This is a home remedy to eliminate cockroaches, but it is also easy to prepare and very inexpensive.

Home remedy with diatoms to eliminate cockroaches

Diatomaceous earth : This formula is also effective for other types of insects such as mosquitoes or mites. It contains remains of fossilized organisms and is very effective in eliminating cockroaches, but it also prevents the appearance of pests when used on plants.

These are some of the most effective home remedies to eliminate cockroaches, however, there are many more.

Sprayers to eliminate cockroaches:

Sprays, better known as sprays, are useful when we do not have a roach colony living at home. They can be very effective if you see one running around, but not for many. This type of poison destroys your nervous system.

It is advisable to apply it in areas where cockroaches enter to prevent them from entering the interior of your home.

Main traps to eliminate cockroaches

They must be placed in their hiding places. A perfect trap would be the placement of boxes or containers with aromatic plants or one of the home remedies mentioned above such as baking soda and powdered sugar. The sugar will lure them into the trap.

Baits are effective in eliminating cockroaches:

It is one of the slowest remedies since cockroaches do not die immediately, but take a while. It is similar to traps and there are baits in tablets, powders or gel.

Insecticides to eliminate cockroaches quickly

Insecticides can be purchased anywhere, but their use should be restricted as they can become toxic if used in large quantities. Care must be taken and precautions taken into account. They have very fast effects and are the best if you do not have a plague.

The definitive solution to eliminate cockroaches

The pest control service is the most recommended in most cases. Home remedies can be very effective in homes, although these types of pests are difficult to eliminate quickly. For this reason, for busy areas where a plague like this could damage the image of a company or organization, it is best to hire a company that provides this pest control service. Not only do they treat cockroaches, they also prevent others such as rats by killing rats.


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