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10 Reasons Why Blackheads Appear On The Face And How To Erase Them

I will not lie to you, blackheads are depressing for many people, and something that most people would like to get rid of.

What causes blackheads to appear on the skin?

Specialist Neutrogena says that black spots are caused by excess sebum production. If not removed, this fat can become “trapped” by new cells and oxidized.

How can you get rid of blackheads?

There are many other reasons for unwanted imperfections. However, there are ways to prevent them from recurring. These golden rules will ensure that your skin is not in pain every time you look in a mirror.

Before you go to bed, wash your face with mild soap.

You should use an exfoliator every 15 days. Do not use it daily as it can be very harsh on your skin.

  • Do not squeeze blackheads. This will cause skin irritation and may not resolve the problem.
  • Before touching your face, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Don’t hold your phone up to your face! It is full of bacteria!
  • Makeup should be oil-free. Never fall asleep while wearing makeup.
  • What are you consuming? Check your diet well

After reviewing the gallery (slide to the profile photo), you will see that blackheads do not necessarily mean that your skin is in bad shape. It is important to consult a dermatologist to determine the cause. Every case is unique.


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