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5 Ideas To Match White Pants So You Look Cool And Trendy

Until a few years ago, white pants had the label “summer pants.” However, it has been a long time since we started that label, and it has become a garment that we wear all year round. Even so, facing him is still difficult. What do I wear it with? What does it look good with?

Sometimes it is difficult to get out of jeans or dark pants, but combining white pants is easier than it seems, especially if you review the spring / summer 2021 trends, where the main fashion firms place it as one of the pieces essentials of the season.

With Cowboy

In the same way that combining denim blue pants with a white t-shirt is a basic that will always look good, doing it the other way would not have to fail. If you choose white pants, reserve for the top a denim garment, either in an ecru and dark tone or more washed, David Beckham’s favorite outfit.

With Black

The black and white combo has always been a symbol of timeless elegance. However, the times we have seen it, it is usually offset throughout the look, as in the case of dark suits with a white shirt. Seeing it in blocks, with a black top mixed with white pants at the bottom can seem somewhat excessively contrasted, although effective. If black still seems too much for you, try two options: on the one hand, replace it with an almost black navy blue tone. On the other hand, you can tone down the impact of black and white with a beige garment that covers it, such as a jacket or coat.

With Beige

Cream, beige and tan tones combined with white pants are a spring classic that always works. Just look at those who know the most about fashion. You no longer have to wait for a ray of sun to come out to put this combination into practice, the whole year is a good time to get a beige top and white pants to succeed. The king of this look is Kanye West himself.

In Total White

Every spring / summer season the main fashion firms drop us some hint among their proposals so that we wear white from head to toe, although the spotless look is rarely seen on the street. We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people and body types.

With Pastel Colors

The tones Powdered are another major spring trends / summer 2021. Perhaps combining them with each other in a complete look, as they propose on the catwalks, is somewhat complicated. However, we can use the white base of the pants as a canvas to put the trend into practice in the upper part of the look. You just have to choose the color you prefer (sky blue, aqua green, dusty pink, lilac, lemon yellow, peach orangeā€¦) and mix it with your spotless pants.


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