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Hey my name is Wilhelmina. I’m an executive for a designer company. Although I love the job, my passion is to explore new things and particularly write about them. I love different cultures, cuisine, lifestyle changes and things that might generate new life and drama into my life.

Recently I decided to start blogging. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The content I write about is typically educational and I like to write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle stuff and pretty much anything else.

This blog is all about things that interest me and about lifestyle and making a difference in life.

I started to build my blog as a hobby in the beginning, however, since then it has started to make some money that has empowered me to blog full time. My focus is to write about stuff that interests me as I have already said, but also to study subjects that people are interested to read about.

My website’s purpose therefore is to educate myself and write about it which in turn will educate my readers. I truly believe that striving for knowledge in life will empower you to achieve amazing things in yours and your family’s life.

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I research life itself.


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Hey, my name is Wilhelmina! I'm an executive for a designer company. I love my job but also, I love to explore different things such as traveling and the amazing food that is available in those places. I also love all aspects of fashion and beauty and lifestyle itself I also like to express myself and that's where this blog comes in. A blog is the perfect medium for me as it enables me to share with you my heart and passion....

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