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DIY Things You Can Do Yourself For Your Wedding

There are many things that you can do for your wedding yourself and that will allow you to personalize it, imbue it with your own style and, in turn, you may even be able to reduce expenses a little to allocate it to other parts of the wedding (honeymoon, dress, etc.). Here are some ideas that you may find useful.

The first thing we want to recommend is that you start preparing your wedding with as much time as possible, not because it is an immeasurable task but so that you can enjoy the process. Keep in mind that, as the wedding date approaches, you may have the feeling that the days go by very quickly and that if you have not been well organized, and that could make you panic.

Choose The Style Of Your Wedding

That said, one of the first aspects to take into account is what kind of style you want to give your wedding, and, for this, we recommend that you keep up to date with wedding decoration trends that may be taking place at that time.

To make it easier for you to choose the aesthetics of your wedding, keep in mind that it has to reflect your personality as a couple, your own style, that it is an environment that represents you. If you choose something that you consider appropriate but that does not have everything to do with you, it is likely that you will end up doubting over time and that you will not feel completely comfortable.

So, look for an aesthetic agreed by the two where you will have to choose the style of the wedding (a vintage, classic, beach, informal, country, rustic wedding, etc.), shades that you want to highlight in the decoration, if you want it to reception either on the air book or in the living room, as well as the budget available for each thing.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the sections that you can do for yourself at home, both the design and the creation of them, the printing, everything.

You can find designs online that you can reproduce, choose to print a photograph of yours and add some written lines to it, paint your own invitations … The options are wide and perfectly customizable.

Do you want to save even more? Record yourself and send your invitations through a video.

Details For Guests

It depends on how creative, crafty and time you have because you can create your own handmade details for guests. You can give away scented soap bars that you have made, some kind of liquor that you can make at home (for example, homemade herbal liqueur or pacharán), homemade cookies decorated with fondant, a crochet detail, a long list of possibilities.

Bridal Bouquets

Indeed, the smartest brides make their own bridal bouquets instead of ordering them at the florist. You can create your own bouquet with preserved flowers that will allow them to keep their bridal bouquet forever, while they can design and create it themselves at home.

Table Centerpieces

If you need to save a little more, you can talk to the restaurant where you are going to hold the celebration and ask if you can take care of the decoration of the place yourself, if it is not already included in the price.

If so, consider taking care of the centerpieces yourself and adapting it to the style you have in mind. You can put some preserved or natural flower centerpieces (paniculata looks great) that match the bride’s bouquet, some wooden element, jars with candles, some special phrase for each guest, games that invite you to interact with each other. everyone, etc.

Candies Table

It is increasingly common for weddings to set a candy table, both for children and adults who can eat something during the dances. From that table you can take care of yourself, take some nice containers that you have at home or buy them but that you can reuse them, fill them with trinkets that you can buy wholesale or sweets that you make yourself or one of your trusted guests.


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