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How to Choose the Right Oriental Rug

Types of oriental rugs and how to choose them

When it comes to talking about the different kinds of oriental rugs, we must take many aspects into account. We are not only talking about an elegant decorative object. Behind these rugs are hidden stories, years of tradition and culture, the words of the hands that have woven them.

This is where the essence of oriental rugs lies, and it is what makes them so unique and special. They are impossible to imitate since they carry with them much more than colors and designs: they transmit their history to us.

As experts in the field, we’d like to help you get more familiar with oriental rugs so, in this post, we’ll talk about some oriental rug types, and what makes them so unique and valuable in the actual rugs market and why you should opt for one. That way you’ll be ready to choose the right oriental rug according to your needs.

Are Persian rugs the same as oriental rugs?

When looking for types of oriental rugs, we may make the mistake of confusing them with Persian rugs. So, in order to avoid that mistake, we must learn to distinguish and identify them from each other to ensure that they are authentic and of quality.

Persian rugs are also very popular and hold great prestige in the world of decoration. These, like the authentic oriental ones, are made by hand with high quality materials, such as cotton, wool or, on some occasions, silk.

However, for a rug to be truly Persian, it must be made in Iran. Instead, if it comes from Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India or Nepal, we will refer to it as an oriental rug.

We have a special affection for Persian rugs. These are composed of vibrant red colors, decorated with gold and blue tones, sometimes designed on a black, soft or vermilion background.

Types of oriental rugs, you won’t be able to choose just one!

We categorize each type of rug according to its origin. Here we will take a closer look at the types of oriental rugs that you can find on the market.

Pakistan rugs

Pakistani rugs are woven from Australian wool yarn, with a very high knot density, averaging 160,000 knots per square meter. This means that they are rugs of good consistency and that they have achieved great prestige in the market thanks to their high-quality and resistant materials at a very affordable price.

The designs used in these are geometric, with the Bochara motif as the main element, which consists of the repetition of the Goal, which is said to resemble an elephant.

Ziegler rugs

Although Ziegler rugs are made in Pakistan, they deserve their own section due to their growing popularity. They are considered an “imitation” of traditional Persian rugs, although, in reality, these are not an imitation at all.

They are hand-knotted and take inspiration from the aesthetics and settings of Persian rugs. These show us impressive finishes for very affordable prices, which is why their production continues to grow.

Kazakh rugs

Like Ziegler rugs, Kazak rugs are made in Pakistan, but take inspiration from ancient Caucasian rug designs. Their warp is made of cotton, and they represent a clear example of timelessness and design.

Without a doubt, if you want a different rug with its own personality, these rugs have bright colors and floral motifs that will give your home a unique style.

Afghan rugs

Afghan rugs are also well known among the different types of oriental rugs due to the strong dark reds that feature in their designs. These are made entirely by hand with goat’s wool, although sometimes horse hair may also be used.

The type of knot used is symmetrical or Turkish, and the density of the knot is usually quite high, being able to even reach 220,000 knots per square meter. This gives this type of rug great durability and resistance.

In these rugs, as in those of Pakistani origin, we will frequently see the Gol or octagonal elephant motif. The colors we can see in them are their characteristic and intense reds, but also ocher or gold and blue tones.

Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs are one of the most popular types of oriental rugs today. The region of Turkey with the greatest tradition in its preparation is Anatolia. These are distinguished by their colors, motifs and designs, impossible to find in other styles of rugs.

The knot used is the Turkish knot and they are made with wool, cotton and silk, all depending on the quality that is sought to be obtained.


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