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How To Dress For Success

Research shows that workers who wear elegant clothing go farther.

Recent studies have shown that dressing in a suit jacket or suit for work can make a difference in employee productivity. This applies to all aspects of the job, including entering negotiations, sales calls, and even video conferences with partners.

Studies using a variety of methods, including simulations of business meetings where subjects wore formal and informal clothing, have shown that elegant clothing can increase our confidence and affect how we are perceived by others. In some cases, it even increases the abstract thinking ability of leaders and executives.

Michael W. Kraus is an assistant professor of organizational behaviour at Yale School of Management. He co-authored a 2014 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that found that high-skilled clothing can improve job performance and job mastery. Competitive.

The study involved 128 men aged between 18 and 32 with different backgrounds and incomes. They were asked to play different roles in simulation negotiations for a factory sale. To see if certain clothing types had an impact on the outcome. Each case had a buyer from one of three categories. One group wore suits, and a second group wore dress shoes. The second group wore T-shirts and suits, while the first wore sweatpants and white T-shirts. They also wore plastic flip-flops and sweatpants. The third group, called “neutral”, wore the same clothes as when they arrived. In each negotiation, a neutral played the role as the “seller”, but the seller was the buyer.

To get ready

Each negotiator received an estimate of the fair market value of the hypothetical factory and other information that could have influenced their decisions regarding the prices they wanted. The suits were less willing to compromise during negotiations. They moved their initial offer an average of $ 830,000, as opposed to $ 2.81 millions for sweatpants and $ 1.58 million for neutrals.

Professor Kraus says that when there is only one winner in a competitive situation, elegant clothing can signal to others “about success and your confidence in your work.” Conversely, people who wear casual clothing tend to be more cautious. Prof. Yong said that formal suit wearers are more aware of the respect they get and become more assertive.

Research suggests that pretty clothes can have both an internal and external effect.

A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science last year found that people engage in more abstract thinking when they are groomed than when they are dressed casually. The 361 participants were asked for tasks and the formal-dressed ones developed abstract thinking that would be used by a high-ranking executive.

Another 88 subjects performed better when they were dressed in formal or casual attire. Casual dresses were more likely to stress about the small things.

Ironing is a powerful tool

Michael L. Slepian is a co-author and postdoctoral researcher at Columbia Business School. He is adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Business School.

Your productivity will rise if you are able to think creatively when it comes to dressing formal. He says that people who wear such clothes feel more powerful. You don’t need to worry about the details if you feel more powerful.

He says that formal wear can be most effective in offices with a more casual dress code.

It all depends on who you’re talking to and what industry they work in. There are many ways that fashion consultants can help companies.

Annie Brumbaugh is the founder of AB Wardrobe Works. She offers personal fashion consulting services.

“This places you at a higher rank, but not enough that it makes others uncomfortable in the office”

It could be a tailored jacket for women, especially for important meetings. She said:

Let’s suppose she is wearing pants and tops or skirts and tops. He says that the jacket gives it an air of authority and elegance. It is also advisable to wear heels when necessary, such as for meetings.

For those who don’t want to wear heels every day, there is an alternative: Always have a pair of shoes in the office.

Solutions customized

A full suit, sport coat or tie for men can help you appear more professional. Julie Rath is a men’s fashion consultant and founder NextLevelStyle.com. NextLevelStyle.com offers an online style course. Rath suggests that a tight suit is not too formal. Instead, focus on something more tailored (elegant, but not too tight) and of high quality (good cashmere wool, 100% cotton). Rath said that a quality watch or dress shoe can add a touch more of quality.

Sometimes, a simple fashion change can make a big difference. If you want to be a role model, you don’t need to look far. Experts say that Mark Zuckerberg’s success in business is not unusual, even though he seems to have worn sweatshirts and jeans. According to a Yale Kraus University professor:

“Mark Zuckerberg is in an innovative company. These people love to play with their status symbols. People like that play with their status symbols.


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