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How to dress if you are a skinny man

Are you a slim man and can’t find your way of dressing? Knowing how to choose the type of clothing that suits your body is the key to making you feel comfortable and confident with your image.

We will help you to see yourself and be seen more attractive with the type of clothes and styles that favor you. Let your thinness stop being a problem when it comes to dressing.

Tips to dress if you are a skinny man

Are you a man with a slim build, you should consider looking for dress clothes for men in a style that appeals to you. Dress clothes can help make you appear less thin if the clothing is well made. Here we show you some ideas and suggestions from our Personal Shoppers so that you feel good about your look and turn your thinness into a point in favor. It’s all about choosing appropriate clothing for men and skinny guys that will make you look more attractive.

One of the mistakes that is made by the most when someone is going to buy clothes and renew their wardrobe, is to only look at clothes that you like or that are more fashionable at that moment. We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people and body types. The same outfit can look very good or very bad depending on whether you are a thin or corpulent man, for example.

It is always better to get help from the professionals who knows the most about fashion. That’s why I recommend Online Image Consulting. Once your profile is completed, your personal shopper will analyze your body and guide you to find the right clothes and styles for your physical characteristics.

Here are some tips!

  • Avoid excessively wide or bulky garments. Most of the time it will do the opposite effect to what you want to achieve. Sometimes it can even give the feeling of looking ungainly.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight. This type of clothing serves to enhance the figure, especially marks thinness, so if you are not looking for this goal, you should resort to clothing that is not so tight. Stretchy body-hugging garments are also ruled out for skinny men.
  • You can use horizontal stripes or squares in your Look. They make your chest and shoulders appear broader. Avoid vertical stripes, they will make you look slimmer.
  • Another important thing is to try and avoid dark tones. Lighter colors, or white, visually enlarge the figures.
  • The pants that will surely fit you best will be classic cuts and straight boots. Slim fit is fine but avoid skinny ones (these will probably be too tight for a skinny man).
  • Wearing blazers or jackets is a very good option. Pay special attention to the right shoulder size for you. Double-breasted jackets benefit you because the excess fabric gives a more voluminous look.
  • Box or rounded necks give the appearance of a wider structure. Avoid very open necklines or large peaks, which can also excessively mark your collarbone and mark your slim appearance.
  • Wearing subtle shoulder pads or lapels is another way to focus attention on your figure to your shoulders, disguise thinness and get closer to a V-shaped torso aesthetic.
  • One way to appear larger is to wear a layered look. But beware, this must be done carefully so that it looks good. The lighter garments must be covered by the thicker ones and in the same color range.
  • Add fabrics that provide volume and do not look like a thin man to your looks. In winter it is easier to wear fabrics like tweed, flannel, wool, or corduroy. In summer you can also use denim to achieve similar effects.
  • Use of accessories. If you complement your look with good accessories, you can achieve two things. The first is to add style to your outfit and the second is to divert attention from your thinness. Of course, the accessories must be proportional in size and weight to your physiognomy.
  • If you want to hide the thinness of your arms, do not abuse short-sleeved garments that are not too tight. Even in summer, you can opt for long-sleeved shirts with cool fabrics like linen.

These are just some general ideas. Knowing how to choose the clothes that favor your thinness will lead you to find the ideal look for you. Don’t buy on impulse!

If you want to get your purchases right and improve your style and your image, I recommend Online Image Consultancy, in which experts in fashion and image will get the best version of yourself, adapting to your budget.


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