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How To Get Your House Ready For The Summer

The summer is just around the corner and we started to notice as the temperature increases and as we leave aside jackets and blankets.

Just as we prepare for the arrival of summer, our home also needs to get ready for the arrival of the heat.

Write down these ideas so that your house welcomes the summer with a light and fresh touch.

General cleaning

In summer it is very common to do a thorough cleaning of the home. So the children have already finished classes and can help out as well.

It is the perfect time to clean all the windows thoroughly , if you are lucky they will last you clean all summer.

The bathroom and kitchen are usually areas that we find difficult to clean, but they are the most important. Take the opportunity to scrub the tiles, walls and ceilings.

Also don’t forget to wash the curtains . They can be washed in the washing machine using detergent for delicates and a washing program that does not spoil the fabric.

Home ventilation

Ventilate your home first thing in the morning and late in the day for 5 to 10 minutes.

It will avoid temperature problems, energy losses, humidity …

Also take the opportunity to check the state of the windows , since it is one of the elements that record the most energy losses.

Make room in the fridge

With the arrival of the heat, we drink and eat more fresh food and our fridge may become too small.

Make room in the fridge and freezer for ice cream, fruit, soft drinks …

Organize the fridge and freezer according to the foods and beverages that you are going to consume the most daily.

Take a look at this post in which we tell you some tips for ordering food in the refrigerator.

Change the bedding

Changing bedding is very simple, but at the same time essential to create a summery atmosphere.

Choose fabrics and lighter , in more cheerful and fresh tones.

The ideal temperature

Maintaining the temperature in the home is essential to be comfortable. It will be enough to put the thermometer between 25 and 26 degrees.

To preserve the temperature it is essential that you do not leave the doors or sales open because you will be losing energy.

Give it a touch of color

Summer trend shadesWith the arrival of summer, the body asks us for a change of color in the home , leaving behind the dark tones of winter.

One of the strongest proposals for this summer is pastel green , a color that helps us give an extra freshness to the home.

If you don’t dare to risk green, beige is always a good option to welcome summer.

Prepare the terrace

Good weather always invites you to organize family reunions or with friends, so the time has come to check that you have the right furniture to enjoy this space.

Put covers of flowers or colors on the terrace furniture to give them a more cheerful touch.


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