How To Make Sure Your Skin Survives The Summer With Our Summer Facial Routine

Summer, that season loved by many and where we give free rein to the pleasure of being outdoors and enjoying the sun. Of course, one of the biggest “victims” of this idyllic seasonal story is the skin of the face , since it is the one we usually expose the most and the weakest in the face of inclement weather. That is why it is important to take some precautions, reorganize our routine a bit and take advantage of this time to pamper our skin and arrive in autumn with the good aspect of the holidays and not the opposite.

1. Wash your face with cold water.

I know, many times I have read (and been told) that the ideal temperature is warm, but I really enjoy washing my face with cold water and feeling how, thanks to it, I activate circulation . From personal experience and having dermatitis, I do not change the result that this gives me for anything in the world, since at no other time of the year I have it as well as this.

2. Use a light moisturizer but according to your needs

Probably those who have it more difficult to find a moisturizer that does not feel heavy but that hydrates in an effective way are dry skin but there are. If you notice that the cream is not comfortable when the temperature tightens, it is best to change it because you may be causing the skin more problems than benefits. In this post I suggested some for different skin types.

3. Store your creams in the fridge.

If you have never tried doing it, start this summer: applying the creams when they are cold not only generates a feeling of comfort by refreshing the skin, but also helps to activate the circulation of the skin . I recommend.

4. Never ever leave the house without applying sunscreen

I think this is the rule that we all know, but some people are reluctant to adopt it as a habit. Always keep in mind that this is the best anti-aging product you can use ( I am not saying it), and the only one that can help you prevent burns, blemishes and skin cancer. In addition, the suns have changed a lot and now it is very easy to find the ideal one to meet the needs of our skin.

5. Take advantage of some of your free hours to make a homemade mask.

Summer should bring a little more time for one. Take advantage of some of those moments a week to prepare a good homemade mask to help you hydrate your skin and relax.

6. Try to be makeup the least amount of time

Keep in mind that in summer we sweat more and mixing this with makeup is not good for the skin. Despite the fact that many people say that it does not cause any problem, in my particular case I notice a lot when I leave a few days without using any foundation or powder at all . Take advantage of the holidays or simply remove your makeup as soon as you get home and let your skin “breathe”.

7. Avoid aggressive facial treatments

Forget peels, lasers and any treatment that involves leaving the skin sensitized. At this point the skin needs to have its natural shield intact to be able to protect itself from the sun , so leave them for fall and winter.

8. Find a hat you like and wear it!

This is the time to invest in the most important accessory for the summer: hats are no longer only worn on the beach, but have become a vital object to take care of the health of the skin. Keep in mind that no matter how much sunscreen we use, the rays reach the skin , so find one that you like and take it with you when you go to do outdoor activities.


Written by Modelogic Wilhelmina


Modelogic Wilhelmina