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How To Show Achieve A Rejuvenated Look By Taking Care Of Your Eyelashes

I think that never before has the look had so much prominence as in this time that we are living: now we communicate all our emotions through it and there are no longer red lips that hide a bad night. Our new wild card are eyelashes , so it’s time to give them all the attention they need to make them look healthy and beautiful and to get the most out of them with a good mascara.

The first thing we should know is that the eyelashes have a natural life cycle that lasts between 4 and 8 weeks and that consists of three phases: anagen (when the eyelash grows), catagen (when the hair follicle contracts and the eyelash stops grow), and telogen (the process in which they are detached so that a new one is born). Diet, our age and our lifestyle influence their condition , so with some simple tips we can help their life cycle to be normal and avoid sudden falls.

Take care of your eyelids

When talking about eyelashes, it is mandatory to refer to the eyelids, since that is where the hair follicles that house them are located. This is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive areas of the body, so it is best not to abuse false eyelashes (when removing them we can detach some eyelashes due to the glue we use), and protect them from the sun’s rays , since it has been shown that these notably affect their growth.

Apply a treatment

Eyelash serums work quite well because they usually contain a high concentration of active ingredients in a very small proportion of product and are formulated to “feed” those follicles that do not usually receive any attention, although to see the results in all their splendor you need to apply them with discipline.

One of the most recognized (and surely the next one to try) is RevitaLash , a product that includes peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract and panthenol, a combination that promises to condition and strengthen lashes.

Choose a good mascara

It is true that the most expensive is not always the best, but in this case we must pay special attention to the mascara we use. Taking into account that we apply it in an area so close to the eyes, it should be ophthalmologically tested and also be free of formaldehyde (in Europe it is forbidden to include it in the formulas, so we must look at the list of ingredients in case the let’s buy in other countries).

It is also important not to use the curling iron too often , as it can also weaken them.

Remove your makeup properly

I think this is where we make the most mistakes. We should always use a biphasic make-up remover for the eye area, as these dissolve the mask and prevent us from rubbing (always moistening a cotton pad and letting it act for a few seconds on the contour). You already know that I am a convinced fan of the advantages of double facial cleansing , so I always recommend applying a second step with a cleanser that needs rinsing and remove any fat that may be accumulated , although it is not necessary to apply it directly on the eyes.

Manage stress

Eyelashes, like hair, are sensitive to changes in mood (remember: the whole body is connected), so your psychological state can even be reflected in something as “tiny” as the state of your eyelashes. If you notice that they fall in a greater quantity than normal (1-5 per day), check your diet and your rhythm of life. Maybe that’s the first warning that you need to stop a bit and start taking care of yourself … the body is wise and always sends small signals before attracting attention in a forceful way.

Do you usually take care of your eyelashes? Would you recommend any serum to strengthen them?


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