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How To Sleep Better Without Relying On Sleeping Pills

An alarming fact has recently been revealed: according to a survey by Arkopharma, more than 85% of people have sleep disorders (when before the pandemic it was estimated that around a third of the population already had chronic insomnia problems).

Taking into account that it is during the night when brain function of aspects such as learning, memory and mood is restored , and that a continued deficit in rest can directly and negatively affect the immune system, we are faced with a very serious public health problem.

Anxiety, depression and insomnia: the tail-biting whiting

Both the body and the mind need a balance between day and night : a bad day will surely generate a bad night, and after a bad night, it is almost impossible to have a good day. That is why perhaps it is necessary to work on the way in which we carry our day to begin to fix the bottom of the problem.

According to Isaac Palomares, health psychologist in Sleep Medicine at the Teknon Clinic, ” to sleep you have to arrive rested: we should be able to eliminate the loop and prepare to enjoy a profitable night of restful sleep .”

It is true that there are several very efficient tricks to sleep better . However, more and more people are turning to drugs to “solve” the problem, when what we really should do is go to the source of the problem and try to alleviate it at its roots . People with high self-demand, few social relationships or who are living a stressful situation are the most prone to sleep problems

Obviously the pharmacological option should be the last alternative and it should always be supervised by a professional … in fact few people know that there are specialized clinics whose doctors and psychologists research and develop tools to solve this problem and improve the quality of life of patients .


It is essential to stop a little and live slower, and for that Mindfulness is presented as a fantastic option to focus on the origin of everything that literally takes us away from sleep . This practice is based on focusing on the present to get rid of self-judgment and the “noise” that we have around us. In the words of Lorena Loma, founder of WOmum , ” what I have when practicing mindfulness is a refuge , a space in which I can include everything that happens, and still not collapse, not let myself be carried away by thoughts and emotions but rather be able to be conscious and understand what is happening in a different way. ”

It is advisable to start practicing it in a guided way in short sessions, to gradually incorporate it into our daily routine until it becomes a habit and a tool that we may need every time we need it.


The objective of Sophrology is to calm the body and mind by freeing us from day-to-day worries, anxiety about concerns of the past or future and returning to the present moment thanks to a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

One of the latest developments in this field has been Morphee , a pro-wellness home device, 100% analog and developed in France, which offers a very interesting alternative against sleep disorders.

Its operation is quite intuitive: it has three keys that offer more than 200 possible combinations of sessions of guided meditation, breathing, body scanning, visualizations, relaxing music and sounds of nature . All very nice and that we can listen through your speaker or with headphones. Its price is $79.95 and can be purchased through its website .

Food Complements

Another non-pharmacological option that we have are food supplements such as the recently launched ArkosueƱo Forte 8h , a formula that contains melatonin and medicinal plants (passionflower and valerian). It has a bilayer that allows a release of the active ingredients in two phases that simulates their natural production in the body so that it acts throughout the night without the risk of being drowsy during the day. You can expand the information about this product on its website and it is advisable to consult with your doctor before taking it.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Have you noticed a negative effect of the pandemic during your night rest?


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