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Is It Worth Having A Kindle

Some say that nothing replaces the paper book. The act of flipping through a book is truly a delight. However, taking into account issues such as mobility, space and also practicality, I decided to buy a Kindle and after almost a year of use I can say I’m loving it!

I was already used to reading on the iPad, but Kindle is much better for a simple matter: you can also read in the sun (which is impossible on the iPad because of the reflection on the screen).

I love the fact that I can buy any book at any time without having to leave the house (Amazon has just about every title you can think of). Just access the store and in a few clicks the book is already on your device! In addition, you can send any document to Kindle via email.

Another wonderful thing is being able to “take” my books wherever I go and not take up space at home by storing lots of books. At first, I was a little strange how navigation works, but once I got the hang of it, it was very easy to use all the features.

One of the coolest things about Kindle is that it allows you to access the dictionary by clicking on any word, which is very useful when I read in English, and it also shows you which sentences have been the most underlined by readers. There are several Kindle models, the simplest of which does not have built-in light (which I think is a little lacking for those who like to read at night). That’s why I opted for the Paperwhite model, which is a little more expensive but has the option to control the screen light.

Anyway, for me it’s really worth it because the Kindle is the perfect size to carry anywhere, it’s super light and it has helped me to read more. Who out there loves it too?


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