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Modern Hip Hop Clothing And Its Origin

Hip hop clothing commonly known as the urban fashion is slowly becoming a global dressing fashion especially among the youth. 

The clothing which has distinctive kind of dressing has its origin from Africa American youth. The style initially originated from youth in some parts of the United State who were seen wearing this type of dressing before spreading to other parts of the world. Some of the areas where the youth dressed in this style include, New York City, Virginia, St. Louis and Detroit among others. However, the Hip hop clothing and style that you find on the cloth shops today was not designed at a central area. The now a worldwide spectacle, hip hope fashion was developed through varied contribution drawn from different cities each playing an important role in the contribution of various element towards the end product. 

Notably, the hip hop fashion style has now become part of the hip hop music and its presence only plays an important role of complementing the attitudes as well as expression of the culture of hip hop. However, the fashion has metamorphosed during its stint, and has moved miles to become one of the popular fashions cherished by many all over the world regardless of particular ethnic group. 

In the music world, hip hop fashion does the magic. Musicians especially rappers as well as hip hop artists draw immense following due to the kind of cloths they dress on. Although there are also other attractions that form part of crowd puller such as accessories the musicians wear, the hip hope style forms the biggest contributor towards the way people in the twenty 1st century view looks. 

While music usually is all about the lyrics which should attract audience and especially due to the kind of message it wants to pass out to the mass, there is more in hip hop music than that. Artist in this particular industry however understand it better and therefore knows exactly what to do. The hip hop music majorly is about swagger as well as personality. With this in the back of the artists, they have moved with speed and have invested heavily especially on the kind of cloths that they put on every time they are in public places. And since hip hop music style is all about an assortment of loosely fitted attires, accessories which includes necklaces that are usually made of chains, attractive snapbacks ad even lively sneakers, artist usually ensure that they go extra miles to achieve that unique look which they can be identified with. 

However, hip hop culture which in one way or the other keep growing as well as getting supporters across the globe is an attestation of how it is support fashion growth. 


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