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Tips For Spending Less Time In The Kitchen This Summer

Do you find it difficult to stick to a routine during the summer?

With the children on vacation and the afternoons at the pool or beach we change our schedules and at home there are many more things in between.

Don’t worry, we have a few tips to help you keep your home organized during the summer holidays.


During winter, we love to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious hot dishes, but in summer the reality is very different. We are terribly lazy to have to light the fire or the oven.

To avoid this, weekly menu planning is very effective .

So you only lose one day thinking about the food for the whole week and avoid falling into fast foods.

If you need it, we leave you here our weekly menu planner to help you organize.

2.The laundry

With the heat of summer our clothes get dirtier . However, clothes take up less and cost more to fill a washing machine.

Hate having your laundry basket in the middle full of clothes? We bring you a solution that you are going to love!

This removable basket is perfect to install in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room furniture. This way you can keep clothes hidden until you can fill a washing machine.

We also advise you to avoid the dryer and store your clothes outdoors in this heat .

3.Pick up the dishes

Pick up the dishes as soon as you finish eating so that a pile of pots does not pile up.

If you scrub it as you use it, it is not so lazy and much less time is wasted.

A tip to save space in the kitchen with the dishes is the installation of dish racks in the tall cabinets, so that, after a wash, we can leave it to dry directly instead of having it taking up space on the counter.

To keep the dishes organized, you can also place a plate holder in your cupboard or kitchen drawer.

4.Avoid laziness

When you cook the countertop, the hobs, the utensils …

You see cleaning while the oven time is over, while the food is cooking… This way you avoid downtime in the food and after eating you will appreciate having everything clean.

5. Worktop always clear

We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people and body types.

The countertop is a work surface , not a storage place for all types of kitchen utensils and appliances.

A very practical way to have the utensils you use most for cooking at hand, but without being in the middle of the counter is to install wall hangers.

You can also use countertop racks to hold the jars and spices.


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