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Tips You Can Apply To Keep Your Kitchen Worksurface Clear And Tidy

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, we spend much of our time in it, so it is essential to maintain order.

For a kitchen to look uncluttered, keeping the countertop clear is essential. The countertop is a work surface, not a storage place for all types of kitchen utensils and appliances.

Today we give you some tips so that your countertop stops being chaotic and your kitchen looks like a photo on the cover of a magazine:

Stands for the utensils you use every day

A very practical way to have the utensils you use most for cooking at hand, but without being in the middle of the counter is to install wall hangers.

A hanging bracket with several hooks on which to hang your skimmer, paddle, ladle, and ladle would be perfect.

You can also place a support for the spices or for the jars that you use constantly when cooking (the salt shaker, oil can …)

The perfect accessory for kitchen rolls

One of the problems that we usually have in every kitchen is the rollos paper . There is never a good place to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap or paper.

The wall roll holder is the perfect solution. It is installed on the wall, thus avoiding taking up space in drawers or countertops.

What do I do with the appliances

Surely you, too, always end up with the kitchen counter full of small appliances . The coffee maker, toaster, food processor or blender end up taking over that area. They take up a lot of space and, in addition, they break the aesthetics of the kitchen.

The countertop cannot be a storage place, leave only the appliances that you use daily (the coffee maker, the toaster …) on it.

The others keep them inside your kitchen furniture . If they are in baskets or removable shelves better, this way you will avoid having to remove everything to get the mixer from the bottom.

Crockery out of sight

To have the kitchen in perfect order and to collect the dishes and glasses as soon as you wash them, the dish rack is one of the most useful accessories.

It allows us to have plates and glasses visible, at hand and perfectly arranged.

In addition, it allows us to have a clear kitchen, since, after washing the dishes in the sink, it is not necessary to leave them to dry with a cloth on the countertop.

An organized drawer

Do you have knives, saucepans or other utensils on the counter ? Clear countertop solutionsMake them a place in the cutlery drawer

To maintain the organization of the drawer, an organizer or cutlery holder is essential that allows you to have everything in its place and at the same time make the most of the space so that everything can fit.

Cutlery holders aren’t just for forks, spoons, and knives. There are also cutlery holders that have enough space for large utensils . Some even have holes for spice or cutting board .


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