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Why These Air Jordan 1 Trainers Are The Best Shoes To Wear With Your Jeans

I know that many people have a closet full of trainers that match wonderfully with their jeans. In this post, I want to talk about Air Jordan 1.

If there are any die-hard Air Jordan fans in the room, you might remember a collaboration that was made between Nike and Levi’s in 2008 that used this same silhouette as a base. The collection from 13 years ago was soon sold out, but now we have a second chance for those who did not arrive on time.

This Air Jordan 1 model is not signed by Levi’s, but it is clearly inspired by that collaboration. The colors of 2008 are replicated in 2021 and adapt to the subtlety that we are now more used to.

Thus, the main element of these sneakers is that the leather base has been replaced by a greyish blue denim. The jean has its contrast in the overlays that cover the heel, fenders and toes, which are red suede.

The third color is provided by the details. Both the Swoosh and the Jordan Wings logo that rests on the heel strap is drawn in a salmon color that accompanies the suede.

Finally, the midsole contrasts with all the other elements in white and the tan sole takes us directly to the mountain shoes, the star trend of the last two years.

And how can we wear such different Air Jordans? You guessed it. The best friend of these sneakers is your jeans. If you want to play the game, finish the look with a T-shirt or polo shirt that goes with (that does not break) the casual style of the sneakers.

We don’t have an official release date for the Air Jodan 1 Denim, but we look forward to it throughout the summer for around € 100.


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