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Why You Need To ONLY Use Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Despite the fact that many brands have tried to disprove what many have been saying for a long time and to divert attention from the subject, the International Journal of Cancer has published a study that provides evidence about the ‘activating’ effect of aluminum salts on cells of the mammary glands . The problem is that many of us use it through deodorants , cleaning products and it can even be present as additives in pre-cooked food and industrial pastries.

Taking into account that breast cancer is a disease that is statistically increasing, I think it is important to inform ourselves about this subject, at least as a preventive measure. The first thing we must bear in mind is that a deodorant is not the same as an antiperspirant , since the first neutralizes odors, while the second acts directly on the pores because it closes them. It is not difficult to guess that the most respectful of the natural needs of the skin are deodorants, so this should be the starting point when choosing.

Based on the research, it is important to take a moment to read the formulas. The most common ingredients in antiperspirants are aluminum salts, aluminum hydrochloride, and aluminum chloride.. Although scientists cannot agree on whether or not there is a relationship between the use of aluminum and breast cancer (mainly because in theory the amounts that enter the bloodstream when we use these types of products are negligible), some agree that it is neurotoxic and that there are indications that it is closely related to the increase in cases of Alzheimer’s within the population.

So far no study has been cataloged as ‘conclusive’, but it is true that for several years a lot of research has been carried out in this regard and me – a normal person who simply tries to lead a healthy life – is something that restless. That is why I have made the decision to avoid any deodorant that includes the word ‘aluminum’ in its inci. Obviously it is not a call to panic far from it: it is one more option to consider and it is up to each one to decide what type of products and ingredients they want to use in their daily life.

I am aware that achieving a life without toxic elements is impossible, but I believe that every bit of sand we put in is good for our health.; It is surely incomplete, so I ask you if you know someone else to put it in the comments so I can ‘feed’ it little by little. I will also do it as I test them:

Sanex NaturProtect: This deodorant is theoretically free of aluminum salts, but if we review it thoroughly we realize that this ingredient has been replaced by mineral alum to fulfill its antiperspirant function. The bad part is that this mineral contains aluminum in its composition, and although the brand promotes it like that, it is not totally true. I have decided to include it because it is one of the ones I have tried and its result does not convince me.

La Roche Posay Physiological Deodorant: Its components prevent moisture and also contains allantoin to soothe the skin . It is free of aluminum salts, alcohol, parabens and its price is approximately $9.

Biotherm Deo Pure Natural Natural Protect: it is a product that is Ecocert certified and is free of aluminum salts and parabens. Its formula is natural and limits the bacterial growth responsible for odors; It also contains aloe vera that acts as a soothing agent, so it can be used after waxing.

Bio-Active, Herbal and Soothing deodorants by Mádara: If you don’t know this organic brand, write it down because it is very worth it; After having tried their fantastic SOS cream , I have been doing more research on it and have found that they have all three of these options, all free of aluminum salts and with really flawless formulas . Its price is $12.

Dr. Hauscka Rose Petal and Sage-Peppermint Deodorants: base their formula on selected natural extracts to absorb odors, so that pores are not clogged. Keep in mind that they contain essential oils , so their use is not recommended for pregnant women. Its price is $16.

Yves Rocher Green Tea Deodorant: it is the only one of the brand free of aluminum salts, parabens and dyes. Its composition includes plant active ingredients that respect skin perspiration. Its price is $4.50, although it can generally be found with some discount.

L’Occitane Aromatic Freshness Deodorant Aromachology: It is formulated with essential oils of sage, sweet orange and lemon (which is why it smells wonderful), which promises to protect naturally and in a lasting way , since it allows to limit humidity and the development of body odors . It is one of the last that I have tried and I am very satisfied, I would definitely recommend it. Its price is $16.50.

MUM Pure deodorant: it is a product that has a careful formula down to the smallest detail, since it is free of aluminum salts, parabens, triclosan, and parabens. Its action resides in the inhibition of the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of sweat, thus allowing the skin to breathe freely. It has two more points in its favor: one, which can be found in large stores and the other its price, since it costs $2.

Salvia, Rosa or Citrus de Weleda deodorants: These three products act by neutralizing the odor , so they are also very respectful with the skin. They have short formulas that differ in the plant that gives them their name and aroma and their price is $9.

Lush’s The Greeench, T’eo, The Guv’ner and Aromaco Deodorants: All of the brand’s deodorants are free of aluminum salts, which they make up for with baking soda and natural extracts. Although its format is quite different from the conventional ones (the first three are in powder and the last in solid tablet), I think they are worth trying. Their prices range from $6.75 to $9.25.

Pureté de Lin de Sanoflore deodorant: it is a bio product that also contains aloe vera in its formula to make it gentler on the skin. Although its price is $8 , it has a downside, and that is that it is not easy to find in pharmacies.

Deodorant for atopic skin from the Spanish Institute: it is a product that is designed for the most sensitive skin and that is why it is free of aluminum salts, parabens and alcohol . It is only found in some perfumeries at a price of $2.75.

In iHerb there are some options to consider, and although I have not tried any, I leave you a link to the blog ‘Between Brushes and Palettes ‘, in which it makes a comparison between two of them and the Black Nature of Deliplús .

Do you usually use aluminum-free deodorants? Do you know any other that you would definitely recommend?


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